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Many individuals who seek our accelerated training programs are Technical Students and Contractors who are in need of Erosion, Sedimentation and Pollution Control Certifications, Civil Engineering Students in pursuit of Professional Credentials, Engineering Interns, and Professionals seeking their Engineering License. We offer on and off-site training courses with seasoned professionals who carry with them a wealth of knowledge from the field.

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Level I Registration

Level 1A Registration Level 1A Exam Only Registration Level 1B Registration Level 1B Exam Only Registration

Level II Registration
Design Professional Level II Registration Plan Reviewer Level II Registration Level II Re-Cert Registration Level II Exam Only Registration

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Disposal prevention control containment recovery


BABBS ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS are offering review manuals for the FE/EIT and PE exams. The manuals will consist of Civil Engineering- based problems that will allow you to become more comfortable using the essential formulas, methodologies, theories, and equations that should be fully understood by civil engineers to score successfully on the exams. BEC suggest you also invest in the Professional Testing Review Conference along with solving the problems within the review manuals. If you do not pass the exam by investing in both, we guarantee a 50% discount on any one of our training courses or seminars.


Get more info Download Manual Get more info Get more info Download Manual
Please purchase the manuals before you download them as you need a password to unlock them and it will be provided to you once payment has been received.


If the conference is cancelled or non delivery of manuals due to contingent circumstances, participants will receive a 100% refund.



1. PTRC for FE/EIT examinees $190.00 2. PTRC for PE examinees $100.00
3. FE/EIT Exam Technical Review Manual & PTRC $205.00 4. PE Exam Technical Review Manual & PTRC $325.00
5. Design Professional Level II Registration $395.00 6. Plan Reviewer Level II Registration $395.00
7. Level II Re-Cert Registration $125.00 8. Level IA Re-Cert Registration $100.00
9. FE/EIT Exam Technical Review Manual $125.00 10. PE Exam Technical Review Manual $175.00
11. Level 1A Registration $195.00 12. Level 1A, 1B, II Exam Only Registration $75.00
13. Level 1B Registration $395.00 14. Level IB Re-Cert Registration $100.000
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